For years, corporations have shaped the way men and women engage with skin and self-care products. From branding and marketing to the dreaded “pink-tax.” Up until recently, the skin and self-care industry has been what most would consider a “woman’s world.” But truth is, wanting to feel your best and have a great complexion isn’t an ambition exclusive to women nor is self-care a one-off or product based solution.

At Halo Rituals, we seek to democratize the industry for both men and women by providing expert education and premium products geared towards all human skin and self care needs. We empower individuals to create daily habits that lead to a life of balance, rejuvenation and happiness. In this, we’ve partnered with top skincare, and wellness professionals to curate conversations, research and products. By connecting our community to medical and wellness experts, our goal is to hold each other accountable for our wellness needs and provide support for one another on our journey.


With a mother in the medical aesthetics and skincare industry, our founder, Angelique Bolding, grew up alongside skin and self-care education, conferences and products. Battling acne prone skin as a teen, Angelique and her mom would create different formulations out of the family’s kitchen and host “spa parties” on weekends to share with friends. From this, Angelique grew passionate not only about skincare but the community that aligns from the love of ones-self and that of one another.

Carrying into her adult years, those same passions and friends began to make deeper connections through communities across wellness, travel and business creating new formulas to provide nourishment to the body, mind and senses.

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Angelique created Halo Rituals as an outlet to share and connect with like-minded men and women, to contribute to her passion for community and to further those conversations by creating a means of accountability for our skin and self.

We are committed to sustainable practices, thoughtfully curated products and conversations, and the whole health of our community. Not only are our products 100% re-useable and recyclable, our retreats are created to serve global communities through cultural experiences and ecotourism. By connecting our community to health and medical experts, we’ve created networks of accessibility and accountability while inspiring others to share those experiences.