Travel Inspired | Unleashing New Creative Energy

The best way to get out of a creative funk is to travel. Here's why...

Entrepreneurs, designers, writers, producers, thinkers, humans...Stuck in a creative funk? We’ve all been there. 

As humans and creatives, we are our biggest critics and as individuals who exercise their talents on a daily basis, we also require the need to exercise those neurons that help us function.

So what to do when in a rut? Make the world our gym and flex that creative energy. 

Travel On The Brain

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

The notion that international travel experiences can open our minds to new ways of thinking is not a new concept but an imperative to overcoming any form of creative block. 

Neuroscientists and psychologists have begun to examine how spending time abroad may have the potential to affect mental change related to how the brain is wired and influenced by environment and habit. It is the one thing that can help us uncover new eras in personal artistic development and provide us with a more accurate and open-minded view of the world.

However, it’s not just about being abroad. It’s the critical process of multicultural immersion, engagement and adaptation. . 

There is nothing as refreshing, humbling, or as scary as throwing yourself into the unknown than traveling abroad - and that freedom feeds directly back into our waves of inspiration and the work we give back to the world. The impact traveling has on one's worldview allows one to do good work. 

Its purpose is to build a strong acculturated sense of self. It has been one of the healthiest ways for me to nurture that creative spark through the cognitive flexibility of environment and human compassion.

“Creativity is power - and we have the ability to use it for good.”

Tapping Into Creative Energy

A practice we recommend while traveling abroad is to capture and articulate your experiences through journaling, photography or art. These practices allow you to share your experience and opinion in a way that is unique and meaningful to you. Often times, this practice can help shape how you view the work and message you put into the world - and what a true gift the ability to share with others is.

Have you ever written for several hours, then emerged from your creative stupor feeling like you’ve just run a marathon? According to neurologist Barry Gordon in an article by Scientific American, a majority of our brain remains active “almost all the time,” and we use every part of it - This is doubly true when you write.

Many believe that the human population can be split into two categories: the analytical left-brain thinkers and the creative right-brain thinkers.

While some people can be defined by their logic and some by their creativity, it’s not the side of the brain they most use that gives them those traits. Our brain is one very active organ when we’re writing. Both the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere work together to handle the comprehension, brainstorming, story creation, and physical writing of a story. Not 10% of your brain, ALL of your brain.

Needless to say, writing and journaling about your experiences not only help train your brain, but allow you to unleash new areas of creativity and brain function.

Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco, Costa Rica

Buy the ticket take the ride

What it really comes down to is your willingness and ability to make it happen. Ditch fear at the door and allow yourself to endure new experiences, new foods, new cultures, sights, languages and endeavors.

A creative mind is never fully put to rest. 

For it is when we express our creativity through experiences we allow space for transformation and the nourishment needed to feel refreshed and renewed. 

Those expressions are imperative for us to continue to do good work and supersedes into all aspects of the ways in which we think and operate creatively.

Where to next?

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